8BitMMO is an awesome indie construction sandbox game, but it's not free to develop and run. That's why every year we do a fundraiser / sale to help raise money for servers and development.

Our server infrastructure costs about $521 each month, so our goal for this sale is to cover server costs for the next year ($6,252). Every purchase helps offset this cost! If we manage to reach this goal, I will double your gold & plat purchased during the fundraiser!

Support development and get great rewards. In addition to the usual gold & platinum you get from purchases, for the next month you get extra goodies -- read on for details.

Time Left:

Funding Reached:
/ $6252

(One year of server costs)

How to Purchase

Just use any purchase method supported as you would normally before 12/1. From in-game, you can buy via Stripe, Steam, Kongregate, Humble (PayPal), or BitCoin -- they all count towards the fundraiser!

Buy In-Game via:

All purchases stack, so if you buy a $9.99 pack and a $4.99 pack, it will count as the $15 reward. Stacking happens even between different payment methods, just use the same 8BitMMO account. Also, it's okay if things are off by a few cents - for instance, the $9.99 pack will unlock the $10 reward.

You can also purchase out-of game using the below methods (FYI, the below methods are also the ones who provide me the highest percentage of your sale):

Method Supports Purchase
Direct to account
(includes bonus stripe hat!)

No account needed, great for gifting!
(be sure recipient redeems before 12/1)

Direct to account:

Please tell your friends!

Your Rewards (in USD)


At $5:

At $10:

At $15:

At $25:

At $35:

At $50:

One of these hats will be the Exclusive Novemberbit 2015 hat! Backers at this level and above can vote for which one it will be:

At $70:

At $100:

At $150:

At $200:

At $300:

At $400:

At $500:

At $700:

At $1000:

At $2000:

All rewards will be delivered some time after the sale, unless otherwise specified.

Reward Details

Bonus Gold & Plat

You'll receive an extra 25% gold and extra 25% platinum at the end of the sale!

However, if we reach our funding goal, instead I'll give you an extra 100% bonus gold and 100% bonus plat at the end of the sale!

Region Limit Upgrade

Normally you can only build 1,000 objects in an area. If you would like to upgrade regions of your choice from max 1k objects to 2k objects, this is the reward for you. A specific region can only be upgraded once, to max of 2k objects.

Regions in Origin may not be upgraded. Region may be in the current map, or the new one.

Limited Edition Hat

This hat will only be available to backers, and will never be available again. A great way to show that you supported the game's development!


Thanks & Misc Information

Thanks in advance for your support!

E-mail address

I will be sending your rewards via e-mail, so please ensure the e-mail address in your account is correct! You can check that here.

Questions + Discussion

If you have any general questions, please post to the forums! If you would like to speak privately, feel free to reach out here (although forums is usually faster).

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